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Rhondda Cynon Taff, United Kingdom
Rhondda Cynon Taff, United Kingdom
Independent Models has been an active agency to provide support and guidance to those already working in the adult industry.

...Who & why are we...

Many moons ago in a land far far away, there was a innocent looking young woman. She was bored of working long days, underappreciated by her "superiors" and paid barely enough to live on she turned to forums for help. Someone online suggested modelling, sadly this led to a host of photo shoots costing more than they were worth and repeatedly attempt to extort her.
So she returned to the forums for help, where she heard about a site called adultwork. This seemed fun, she was then invited to join a group and all seemed fine for the next few months until her group manager, one day to quit the site and stole all the funds and deleted all the group members profiles.
Angry and out of pocket she turned to the only other person who knew she was a camgirl, thankfully that was her then understanding partner. We decided to make a group so this couldn't happen again.
He worked in the day as a chef and managed profile development and advertising in the evening over the next few years. He learned photography, film and editing in his spare time.
She still worked long split shifts whilst camming in her spare time. Life was getting better finally and after many more moons they decided to put their hard earned savings towards a mortgage.
Sadly they were declined due to a recession, and poor credit.

After consulting with several financial advisers and accountants they formed a company with a solid plan to help others in the industry who enjoy there work, want to learn how to improve there profession, and have fun working with like minded people.

We are currently looking for female & male models between the ages of 18 & 50 who are mentally strong, patient, confident & with a outgoing personality.

Webcam Models can either make this job there sole source of income or it is a great way to earn extra cash on top of your current employment. The hours and days of work are totally up to you; there are no schedules or minimum hours. We offer everything below and our immense combined knowledge freely to all.

Go online whenever you like as soon as you turn on your software you will automatically appear on the adultwork network. You have unlimited opportunity for being creative and making the most out of your experience as a live webcam model.

...Group Member's...
We charge NO Admin Fee for Group members.
Technical Support: Hardware related (PC, Mac, Webcam, Android)
Technical Support: Software related to work (Justcamit Webcam Software)
Verification Help: We use hi-resolution images to speed you though the verification process.
Profile Development: We will work with you to create a profile that keeps members coming back.
Profile Resurrection: If adultwork removes your profile we aim to have it back online within 48 hours without loss of credits.
Profile Maintenance: Profiles are regularly checked for spelling, BBcode, adultwork T&C's infringements and corrected.
Profile Update Notifications: Any profile updates & corrections will be emailed to the model after completion.
Multimedia Editing: Any movie or Image shot by us is edited and uploaded to your profile for FREE
Twitter Management: Free model twitter management to gain more business. Twitter Username & Password required (Optional).
Credit Transfers: All group members not employed by us are free to handle there own credit transfers.
Whatsapp Invite: Group members are welcome to join our Whatsapp group. This is a helpful way to get the answer to a problem quickly from someone within the Independent Models group.

...Escort Members...
We charge NO Admin Fee for escort earnings.
All group Escorts benefit from the above perks, support and maintenance.
Escort earnings will NOT be handled by System Solutions (Gloucester).Ltd or anyone employed by System Solutions (Gloucester).Ltd
It is the sole responsibility of any escort to declare there own income.

...Employed Group Members...
We charge NO Admin Fee for employed group members.
Everything mentioned in the Group Member section is also available to Group Employees.
New and existing members can request to become employed at any time.
You will be employed by: System Solutions (Gloucester).Ltd
No trace of adult entertainment or shows on your wage or payslips.
All employees must sign a Zero hour Contract in person.
Independent Models will arrange a face to face meeting with you to fill out the paperwork if you are within travelling range.
If you are not within travelling distance, Independent Models will request to cam with you to prove your identity, & request you to email copies of the required documents.

...Employed Group Members Wages... By signing the contract of employment you agree to the following...
*** Employers National Insurance will be deducted from your wage, & paid to HMRC weekly by System Solutions (Gloucester).Ltd
*** If this is your sole job: Please remember you will have Income Tax & National Insurance deducted from your wages.
*** If this is a second job: Please remember you will still pay Tax however your first job will pay the National Insurance.
*** National Insurance will be deducted from your funds & paid to HMRC weekly by System Solutions (Gloucester).Ltd
*** Income Tax will be deducted from your funds & paid to HMRC weekly by System Solutions (Gloucester).Ltd
*** We then forward your wages by PAYE to the Bank Account details of your choice.
*** Wage Slips are sent out weekly via email or post if you prefer.

...Documentation & Identification...
You will need to provide the following documentation or we cannot legally employ you!
A Government approved form of ID (Full Drivers Licence or Passport).
If you are already employed, we will provide you with a P46.
If you are unemployed we will need a P45 from your previous employer.
If you don't have a P45, System Solutions (Gloucester).Ltd can supply you with a P46.
Bank Details so we can pay you: Account Holders Name, Account Number & Sort Code.

If you rely on adultwork to fund your life but don't declare your earnings, then try to get a loan, mortgage or other form of financial credit You will find the finance companies such as banks will find it hard to lend to you. As adultwork earnings are sent directly to you, when it reaches your bank it is classed as deposits NOT a declared income. Therefor your seen as unemployed, and not safe to be granted financial credit.

Under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) a Member's personal details remain their property, regardless of who created the profile.
Any money paid to the adult escorts listed on this website is for their time and companionship only. Whatever else that may occur if and when contact is made is the choice of consenting adults.

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