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58 y/o
Halesowen Manchester Glasgow Birmingham London, United Kingdom
58 y/o
Halesowen Manchester Glasgow Bir...Halesowen Manchester Glasgow Birmingham London, United Kingdom

Sexy Kittens Group Administrator - Straight Male Profile - If Interested in joining Sexy Kittens, press 'Join Group' on group page

Guys, stop asking if I can get you a shoot until you have read my tab about this, I will be blocking you in future if you clearly haven't


                          To all my fans who are visiting my profile a big THANK YOU and welcome back.

                          To my physco stalker - act your age and not your shoe size and get a life

Hi, my name is Max and I have been in the Adult Industry a number of years now and have worked with some of the naughtiest girls I could ever want to meet, from naughty Teens ( 18+ ) thru to the filthy Forties. in some really nice locations (Thailand, Maldives, Portugal, LA, Paris and many more ).

I have worked with such people as

Tindra Frost ( Icelandic Girl/Girl Porn Star )
Cherry English ( Porn Star )
Melody Pleasure ( Dutch Porn Star )
Holly Kiss ( Porn Star )
Satine Spark ( Porn Star )
Roxi Keogh ( Babe Station )
Stevie-Louise ( Extreme TV )
Kaz_B ( Babe Station & Porn Star )
Chantelle Fox ( Babe Station & Porn Star )
Bree Branning ( Porn Star )
Lola-Maria ( Porn Star )
Pixie Little ( Porn Star )
Angels with Horns
and so many more

Beware - Time wasters will be blocked and not spoken to again, after I have wasted lots of you time first. I now have sophisticated checks in place that will tell me if you are a time waster or not..... but you won't know if I know until I've wasted your time

                                          q$$$$$$$P;\   ,  /$$$$P
                                        .$$$P^::Y$/`  _  .:.$$$/
                                       .P.:..    \ `._.-:.. \$P
                                       $':.  __.. :   :..    :'
                                      /:_..::.   `. .:.    .'|
                                    _::..          T:..   /  :
                                 .::..             J:..  :  :
                              .::..          7:..   F:.. :  ;
                          _.::..             |:..   J:.. `./
                     _..:::..               /J:..    F:.  : 
                   .::::..                .T  \:..   J:.  /
                  /:::...               .' `.  \:..   F_o'
                 .:::...              .'     \  \:..  J ;
                 ::::...           .-'`.    _.`._\:..  \'
                 ':::...         .'  `._7.-'_.-  `\:.    
                 \:::...   _..-'__.._/_.--' ,:.   b:.   \._ 
                   `::::..-"_.'-"_..--"      :..   /):.   `.\   
                     `-:/"-7.--""            _::.-'P::..    \} 
          _....------""""""            _..--".-'   \::..     `. 
         (::..              _...----"""  _.-'       `---:..    `-.
          \::..      _.-""""   `""""---""                `::...___)

I am approached regularly about "How Can I get into the Porn Industry, its something ive always wanted to do"

Guys, if you want to get into the porn industry, then before any of the girls take you seriously, you will need a full verified profile on here with pictures and positive feedback. The positive feedback show's that you can be trusted with the girls and give's them some idea of how you treat them.

As for the pictures, I cant emphasise enough, the girls are NOT INTERESTED in cock pictures at all. It will in fact put them off you. I help so many girls with their profiles and they ALL say they are not interested in profiles with cock pictures. Its just guys on ego trips showing off what they have. They have seen so many pictures of cocks, it just turns them off that person. We all have them, they know what they look like. Sure they different sizes etc, but come on guys, be a little more imaginative. After all this is the adult industry, they have seen every size and shape you can imagine and some that you cant.

To impress them have a profile with normal pictures with or without tops on, that's what they look for. Be aware, that unless you fund your own shoot, not every girl who wants to work will be your "dream girl", as a guy you will have to take what is available, if anything.

Think, can I get it up if another guy is in the room filming you whilst having sex and even if you could, can you do the money shot in front of another guy, this normally involves some wanking from you to "get one out". Remember, YOU ARE NOT THE BEST THING TO HIT THE PORN INDUSTRY, whatever you think. There are so many guys out there that want to do this, you have to offer something different, Cock size DOESN'T come in to it. Just cause you think you got a big cock, doesn't mean that everyone wants to work with you. Dont forget, When the end customer buys the finished product, he is imagining it is him with the girl and wants to see normal size, not something freaky large. The path into the Adult Industry is hard work. There are so many guys who think they are gods gift to the women and the industry, when they are just another guy after a "free shag" and ain't very good in front of a camera.

I started out in this by talking to and treating them as woman and NOT objects to have sex with. Once you have a good track record with one or two, they will recommend you to others and things will change for you. After 18 months of funding a number of shoots myself everything changed almost overnight. Now I get requested to do shoots & to help out with some of the hottest women in the UK and abroad EVERY week. I have porn star's and babe station girls on the phone to me almost every day.

Don't get pushy with the girls out there. There are 100's of guys looking to work with them. Stand out from the crowd and be nice, be polite and be respectful, its not hard. The industry is full of jerks, don't be another one on them.

Importantly, do NOT let anyone down you have agreed to meet in any way. If you can not make it for one reason or another, just let them know as soon as possible. You will only get one chance to make a first impression and letting them down will certainly get you blocked from seeing or working with them them in the future and they may even pass on your name as a time waster. Also, don't push your self on guys who are look for people to work for them, believe me, we get approaches every day from guys and therefore get to pick and choose who they want to work with.

Personally, I am getting approached regularly about getting work for us guys, unfortunately, Unless you wish to help towards the cost of filming the shoot, then it will be a no thank you. I will work people that have Zero feedback as we all have to start somewhere, but you will need to have a fully verified account with face pictures on it. After all you are asking me to do a shoot for you and therefore your face will be out there, so this shouldn't be a issue to you. I will also need to see your AW verification photo's as well, to confirm that it is your profile. Its up to you, if you not happy with this ( and maybe other requests I have to ask to avoid the physco's out there ), then please don't approach me.

I have worked hard with the girls and spent time listening to them and their requirements and I now have contacts thru out the UK & Europe in this Industry and also within the music industry. It has also meant I have been contacted by Film & TV Companies with regards to doing a life story on how I got where I am. And I have also been talking to a publisher to get a book written and articles published about my journey ( and all the physco stalkers will get named, so keep in touch if you want to know who they are ).

There came a point after years of emotional & physiological abuse from my 2nd marriage, that enough became enough and I decided to find myself a escort from this site. That turned out to be the best decision of my life. Not only is she the best looking girl I have ever had had the pleasure to meet ( and Im not saying it to wind people up, but its just SO TRUE ), but she has turned out to be the best friend anyone could ask for ( oh yeah ... the sex is second to none as well ). We now do loads of events together ( WITHOUT money being exchanged before anyone asks ) in the industry and in personal lives. Its like having all the good stuff from being married ( fun, companionship, sex etc ) without the crap that goes with it ( arguments, abuse, being ignored, handing over the money to be ignored....etc )

This Industry can lead you anywhere, even in your private life.

Duration Incall Outcall
1 Hour 60 60
Overnight 300 300

Prices are shown in GBP

Note: Any money paid to the adult escorts listed on this website is for their time and companionship only. Whatever else that may occur if and when contact is made is the choice of consenting adults.

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I am a guy looking for work or a way into the industry
Please see the tab marked "message to guys". I will by all means answer any other questions you have, but if you ask questions that are obviously answered in this tab, then please do not expect a answer
Are you able edit film content to make it a sensible size for using/charging on Adultwork
Yes, we do this every day for different people. Contact me and we can arrange something
I have never modelled at any level before, can you help me
Yes, we have done a number of first time photo shoots from modelling thru to boy/girl. We only go at your speed and you are ALWAYS in control of how far you want to go. We are VERY friendly and never are push you into doing anything that you are uncomfortable with
Are you straight or Gay ?
I get this question on a regular basis. Please note people, as it states at the bottom of my profile, I am straight.
Do you Travel
Yes, any where you need me to. Have worked in America, Asia and all over Europe as well as the UK
Can I have a photo shoot without getting naked
Of course, its what ever level you want to do, from standard model, implied nude, nude and all the way upto hard core boy/girl
Do we offer paid work.
Yes, always looking for new girls to work with either in films or photo's. Unfortunately, if you are a guy, then sorry, no thanks
What is your starsign?

Libra Sept 23 - Oct 23

What is your Primary Language?


What is your Secondary Language?


How would you describe your non-binary gender?


What is your favourite colour?


Who is your favourite celebrity?

Paullie Perrett

What is your best feature?


What is your worst feature?


What three words best describe your personality?

Up for anything

What is your favourite food?

As long as its not eggs, then anything

What is your favourite drink?

Jack Daniels

What is your favourite film?

The Postman

What is your favourite TV programme?

Family Guy

What are your favourite flowers?

Alive ones

What is your favourite perfume?


What is your favourite gift?


What is your favourite holiday destination?


What is your ethnicity?

Caucasian (White)

What is the colour of your eyes?


What is the colour of your hair?


What length is your hair?


How would you describe your body type?


How tall are you?


How much do you weigh?


What is your leg measurement?


What is your shoe size?


What is your dress size?


What size is your chest?


What is your waist measurement?


What is your hips measurement?


What is your bra cup-size?


How would you describe the size of your breasts?


Are your breasts natural or enhanced?


How is your pubic hair fashioned?

Shaved Completely

Do you smoke?


Do you have any tattoos or piercings?


If you have tattoos or piercings, how discreet are they


Do you have any birth-marks or scars? If so, size and location?


What times are you always available?

Evening & Weekends, daytime if enough notice given

Will you do overnight bookings?


List of Towns/Areas you will visit

UK mainland, with enough notice

How long are you prepared to travel for?


Nearest rail station?

New Street

What is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you in public?

I Dont get embarrassed

What sort of men turn you on?


What sort of women turn you on?


What is the most memorable sexual experience you’ve ever had?

MFFF Foursome

What is the most outrageous thing that you’ve done sexually (be honest!)

GangBangs and Swingers Club

Where would you most like to have sex?

On the beach

What is your favourite sexual position?


What is your second favourite sexual position?


What is your biggest turn on?


The most sensitive part of my anatomy is?


Describe the experience (when and where)


What is your favourite sexual fantasy?

Multiple Girls

How often do you masturbate?


What sexual activity do you enjoy the most?


When is your libido at its highest?

Whilst I am breathing

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