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Available Today
Heavenly Massage
32 y/o
Earls Court Chelsea Gloucester Road West Brompton, United Kingdom
Heavenly Massage
32 y/o
Earls Court Chelsea Gloucester R...Earls Court Chelsea Gloucester Road West Brompton, United Kingdom




== Please note that outcalls to you in central London carry an extra £40 taxi fare == xx

Welcome To Heavenly Massage

Awaken your senses and embrace profound relaxation—book your transformative Tantric Massage experience today for a journey into blissful harmony.

Read, and proceed.xx
My dear gentleman. I genuinely appreciate your interest in booking a session with me, and I'm looking forward to the opportunity for us to meet very soon, which will be an honour and a privilege. Prior to making an enquiry to connect, I would like to express sincere appreciation for you taking a moment to read my profile as it will ensure an enjoyable experience for both of us.

What to Expect with Heavenly Massage
Congratulations, you've landed in the right hands for a truly unique Tantric experience. Devoted and passionate, I assure you a truly unforgettable experience. I favour quality over quantity and invite you to embark on a journey of sensual rejuvenation with a heavenly bespoke Tantric ritual—an exquisite fusion of ancient wisdom and modern relaxation. My touch engages your body, mind, and soul, tapping into a deep understanding of energy flow. Together, we'll journey through heightened states of pleasure, deep connection, and profound relaxation. This magical touch promises a transformative experience that goes beyond the physical, awakening your senses and nurturing a deeper connection between mind, body, and spirit. Welcome to my world where pleasure meets profound selfcare.

How to Book an Experience with Heavenly Massage
Follow these simple steps and before you know it you will be with me. I appreciate simple and genuine correspondence. Those that ignore, do so at their peril.

Step 1: Please call / WhatsApp or text with a polite message introducing yourself and confirming your preferred date, time, and duration of appointment. I am happy to accommodate your request to travel to your hotel or private home or you’re welcome to my ‘office’, complete with shower facilities, luxury towels, massage table and refreshments.

Step 2: Await my confirmation. I will reply as soon as I can. Allow at least one hour notice for me to prepare for our meeting or advance notice for an early bird appointment from 6am a day before.

Step 3: Once your appointment is confirmed, I will send you a message or call you 30 minutes before arrival to provide you with my building and room number. Please always call me if running late or need to reschedule.

Step 4: Now that we have made the rendezvous, simply let me take charge, relax, and let your experience commence.

You won’t catch me constantly calling you or bombarding you to set up another appointment. It’s not about playing hard to get – it’s simply a case of respecting your privacy. But hey, if you’re already part of my inner circle then you already have the VIP pass to find me when you need.

How to pay for Heavenly Massage
As long as the promissory notes are of legal tender then your privacy, along with mine are protected. After your experience, kindly place the agreed resources in an envelope before your departure. Should you wish to extend the ritual, having the resources available is greatly appreciated. In certain cases, after establishing a connection, I may consider accepting payment via bank transfer.

What Investment do you need for an Experience with Heavenly Massage

The first initial appointment is up to 60 minutes and is priced at £200. Should you desire an extended session, each additional 30 minutes is priced at £100. *

*My office is in Central London, Chelsea, and Kensington. When requesting for the appointment to take place at your premises, kindly book transportation on your prepaid account. Additional travel costs carry an extra £50 and require a minimum appointment of 90 minutes. These boots are made for walking…but not all the way across London.

Discovering More About Yours Truly
I am the Russian therapist you've been longing for, fluent in four languages and dedicated to maintaining my health and appearance with pride. Perhaps you're the one who did a double take when crossing paths with me on the street. I don’t watch the clock. This is an experience I take pride in and will take the time to personalise to you, your needs, and desires. My office is a sanctuary where time slows down, and the outside world fades away. A dimly lit room, soft calming music and the relaxing scent of my carefully chosen essential oils will set the mood. I assume you are now picking up the phone to send me a message.

Words of Satisfaction: Testimonials from My Wonderful Clients
From moments of relaxation to tales of transformation, my wonderful clients have graciously shared their experiences, giving you a front-row seat to the joy, rejuvenation, and unrivalled happiness that awaits you. I’m already smiling just reading these again.

“I knew I was in expert hands from the first embrace. You’ve not been hugged until you’ve been hugged by Linda. Each touch felt purposeful, guiding me through a sensory exploration that left me feeling on another level. An unforgettable experience that transcends the ordinary. Grateful for the genuine artistry in every moment and the birthday treat I’ll never forget” Sir P

“For once I was left speechless. All I can say is that an experience is truly magical. You may think you’ve had a tantric experience, trust me, until you’ve had an experience with Heavenly Massage you really haven’t – an out-out-this-world journey into relaxation and pleasure.” Chel421

“Thank you, Linda. The experience was genuinely transformative. It was a deeply satisfying massage and I left feel physically and spiritually lifted. Your magical touch was something else. I will see you again very soon.” DJL

Dos and Definitely Don’ts If You Want to See Me
Trust me I’m down to earth and easy going. However, if you want to experience this then here is a handy checklist and etiquette guide.

Pre-Appointment Freshness: Ensure you’re showered and clean. We’re here for relaxation, not to challenge our sense of smell.

Art of Communication: Share any health concerns, preferences, or specific needs with me. I’m not a mind reader, but I am a great listener.

Timing Matters: Punctuality is a must. If you’re running late, tell me. Simple hey.

Outfit Requests: Please don’t ask if I can wear something sexy. Rest assured; I wouldn’t dream of anything else. It’s my personal style…at all times, yes even to pick up the groceries!

Accessibility: Another one to add to your ‘Do not ask’ list. Follow step 1 of my booking process and we will get along very well.

Want to hear more?
Keen to delve deeper into my world? Stay tuned for regular updates on my blog, where you'll have the opportunity to learn more about me, my practice, my aspirations, and the essence of what drives me.

So, my Dear Gentleman, I trust you are ready to embark on your transformative tantric journey. I eagerly await the opportunity to explore with you…I'm waiting for your message.

Heavenly Massage


Tantric massage is one of the massage procedures that are highly associated with sensual touch.
As such, it is one of the best procedures of carrying out an erotic massage. An erotic tantric massage as
the name suggests is a type of massage that focuses on sexual pleasure using tantric practices. The fact
that tantric practices are used means that the massage achieves more than just sexual pleasure.

Erotic Tantric Massage

This is all about the use of sensuous touch on the body and its most underestimated sexual organ; the skin
in order to enhance erotic stimulation. The technique focuses on the many nerve endings that are found on
the skin. The massage will make use of different massage practices such as Swedish massage long strokes
and skin kneading, aromatherapy, use of music to enhance mood and sometimes Californian massage
techniques. This type of massage can be carried out in a sex sauna, massage parlors and studios or in the
comfort of your own home. With enough experience and guidance from me you can also get a relaxing erotic
tantric massage from your spouse in the comfort of your own bedroom.

What is Tantric Massage?

A common misunderstanding regarding erotic tantric massage is that it involves sexual intercourse.
Contrary to this belief, erotic tantric massage does not involve penetrative sex at all. However it does have
a lot of sensuality as the name would suggest. This massage is carried out when both the masseuse and the
receiver are fully nude. It also involves total stimulation of all the erotic zones in the body of the receiver.
he procedure ends in multiple orgasms for the part of the client. The purpose of the nudity is to aid the
masseuse in transferring sensuality to the receiver and its body.

Benefits of erotic tantric massage

The sensual touch involved in erotic tantric massage is very relaxing mentally, physically and even
emotionally. It helps in stimulating blood circulation throughout the body and smoothening out knots and
tension from the muscles. This creates an energetic and happy mood in the body that gives rise to very
many physical and mental benefits. Massage experts say that erotic tantric massage reduces blood
pressure and contributes to longevity significantly. In men, it promotes good prostate healthy. Erotic tantric
massage brings sexual healing. It does away with sexual inhibitions that have plagued one and its life for
so long and holding them back in intimacy. Emotional healing is also part of the package of erotic tantric
massage. The feeling of well being promoted by this type of massage eliminates stress and consequently,
all the conditions that come along with stress such as high blood pressure and depression.

Etiquette, courtesy and hygiene

You need to remember that when you are visiting me for the best tantric massage then you will be enjoying
total pleasure with some really erotic intimate moments with me (including happy ending and more if desired).
And therefore it is very essential to understand that you should be clean and hygienic by taking good bath and
have your genitals also smells good. Dress up nicely to make a good impression for that magical moment and
make her or him feel special by offering a box of chocolates or something like that in order to commence the
session with sizzling moments.


The basics of prostate massage

The prostate is one of the most important organs in the male reproductive system. It is tasked with
production of semen which is the fluid that carries sperms and it is also a major contributor of the male
orgasm. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most vulnerable glands in the body of a male. This is evident
from the ver increasing number of people suffering from prostatitis and prostate cancer. In most of the
cases, prostate health woes are caused by lack of or insufficient flow of healthy blood in this gland. This
is where prostate massage comes in.

What is prostate massage?

Prostate massage is also known as prostate milking. It has been around for centuries and has been used
majorly as a part of holistic healing of the prostate. At the very basic, prostate massage is the massaging
of the prostate tissue in the male body. The prostate is located adjacent to the rectum. The terms massage
and milking are used simultaneously to describe the prostate massage process. However, milking is more
inclined to removal of prostatic fluid and reduction of sexual activity while massage refers more often to
relief of the symptoms of prostatitis in the prostate.

Prostate massage procedure

Prostate massage is a fairly common medical procedure. However, it is also used as a sexual practice as
the prostate is the male G-spot. Stimulation of the prostate alone can through prostate massage or receptive
anal sex can lead to achievement of an orgasm in the male. The prostate massage procedure can be carried
out using fingers or devices and equipment that has been developed specifically for this purpose. Prostate
massage can take place internally or externally. Internally, the giver inserts their finger or the device being
used for the massage into the rectum of the receiver through the anus. Care must be taken not to irritate the
delicate wall of the rectum. Once inserted, the giver looks for the prostate tissue and stimulates it using
different types of soft motions. Externally, you can massage the prostate by pressing against the perineum.
This might feel more comfortable and less painful for some men.

Devices To Aid Successful Prostate Massage

If you find the finger too short to reach the prostate or you do not want to use a finger as the giver, you can
use devices for this purpose such as prostate massager, dildos, G-Spot vibrators and butt plugs. These devices
will give light repetitive and circular motions that stimulate the prostate. Proper lubrication should be used with
the equipment in order to eliminate any friction that could cause pain. Also, it should not be thrusted as that
will only cause discomfort not to mention the risk of injuring the anal passage.

Benefits of prostate massage

That prostate massage is a very beneficial medical procedure is a fact known all too well. The procedure has
been used for a long time in relief of the symptoms of prostatitis. Prostate massage stimulates the flowing of
the trapped fluid out of the prostate decreasing swelling and flow out of the bacteria causing inflammation as
well. It is also known to decrease the risk of prostate cancer by increasing blood flow to the prostate and
reducing the incidence of infections which could increase the risk of prostate cancer.

Impotence Improvements

Prostate massage is also known to reduce the incidence of impotence. The massage promotes free flow of
blood in the prostate and also to the penis. This reduces the occurrence of erectile dysfunction. Prostate
massage is also famous for increasing the intensity of the male orgasm. This is because the prostate is the
male G-spot and its stimulation increases fluid flow leading to strong sensations.


Lingam And Yoni

As mentioned above, the massage involves touching of every part of the body including the intimate and
erotic zones such as the lingam (penis) and the yoni (vagina). When the massage is beginning, the masseuse
will give attention to every part of the body from head to toe and especially beginning when the receiver is
lying on their belly. The yoni and lingam are avoided at first in order to allow the receiver time to relax and
be totally at peace with the massage session and the masseuse with no tension or knots in the muscles.
Once the client is totally relaxed, special attention starts being paid to either the yoni or the lingam depending
on the gender of the receiver. Yoni and lingam massage should be gentle and loving without putting any
pressure. If you are doing it as a couple, you should refrain from lovemaking as this will only steal from
the ritual. You should allow the ritual to be complete on its own.

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Duration Incall Outcall
1½ Hours 300 300
1 Hour 200 -
2 Hours 400 400

Prices are shown in GBP

Note: Any money paid to the adult escorts listed on this website is for their time and companionship only. Whatever else that may occur if and when contact is made is the choice of consenting adults.

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When am I available?
I’m always ready to connect. The question is when do you want to see me? Follow Step 1 of my booking process and we will get along very well.
Can I wear something sexy?
Please don’t ask if I can wear something sexy. Rest assured; I wouldn’t dream of anything else. It’s my personal style…at all times, yes even to pick up the groceries!
What should I wear?
Trust me, the seamless connection between our bodies is best experienced without the hindrance of clothing.
Is your location discreet?
Absolutely, our location is designed with utmost discretion, ensuring your privacy is prioritized for a serene and confidential experience
Can you tell me more about you?
This is a big question. Try being more specific. Draped in allure, I stand tall, my captivating feminine grace accentuating impeccable fitness. My ever-changing hairstyle, a whimsical dance of colours, adds an element of mystery and excitement. Amidst this, my perfect breasts embody natural beauty, seamlessly harmonizing with the elegant allure that defines my present
What is your starsign?

Leo July 23 - Aug 23

What is your Primary Language?


What is your Secondary Language?


How would you describe your non-binary gender?


What is your favourite colour?

Moonlight Mulberry

Who is your favourite celebrity?

My discerning gentleman in front of me.

What three words best describe your personality?

Affectionate, Attentive, Alluring

What is your favourite food?

Crème Brulé: A caramelized dream on my lips

What is your favourite drink?

Smoky Negroni: Sophisticated, Italian elegance

What is your favourite film?

Amour: An exploration of enduring love

What is your favourite TV programme?

I prefer to create my own narratives

What are your favourite flowers?

Snowdrop: Winter's delicate floral prelude

What is your favourite perfume?

Anything woody with notes of subtle elegance

What is your favourite gift?

Time together to create shared melodies

What is your favourite holiday destination?

Aegean dreams and sunset escapes

What is your ethnicity?

Caucasian (White)

What is the colour of your eyes?


What is the colour of your hair?


What length is your hair?


How would you describe your body type?


How tall are you?


How much do you weigh?


What is your shoe size?


What is your dress size?


What size is your chest?


What is your bra cup-size?


How would you describe the size of your breasts?


Are your breasts natural or enhanced?


How is your pubic hair fashioned?

Shaved Mostly

Do you smoke?


Do you have any tattoos or piercings?


If you have tattoos or piercings, how discreet are they


What times are you always available?

I’m always ready to connect

Will you do overnight bookings?


List of Towns/Areas you will visit


How long are you prepared to travel for?


Nearest rail station?

Paddington Victoria Sloane Square South Kensington

What is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you in public?

Embrace mishaps, they're life's anecdotes. I laugh at myself daily.

What sort of men turn you on?

Intellectual minds and adventurous souls

What sort of women turn you on?

Confidence blended with grace

What is the most memorable sexual experience you’ve ever had?

A secluded cabin. Every touch, a cosmic dance under the starry sky. Unguarded pleasure resonating with the universe.

What is the most outrageous thing that you’ve done sexually (be honest!)

Mixology magic: Each cocktail and pulsating music was matched with the discreet vibrations and remote-controlled whispers of my favourite toy controlled by my discerning gentleman.

Where would you most like to have sex?

Floating above clear turquoise waters, indulging in a dreamy retreat where tranquillity meets the allure of exotic intimacy

What is your favourite sexual position?

Let’s just say I’m advanced in the Karma Sutra

What is your second favourite sexual position?

Test my flexibility

What is your biggest turn on?

Unveiling layers, sharing fears and dreams—authenticity creates an intimate symphony of connection.

The most sensitive part of my anatomy is?

Those who know me will discover how to evoke waves

What is your favourite sexual fantasy?

A secret ball where masks unveil hidden desires, an intoxicating dance of anonymity and sensual discovery

How often do you masturbate?

Self-discovery is a must

What sexual activity do you enjoy the most?

The artful dance of desire.

When is your libido at its highest?

I bloom in shared connection.

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