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55 y/o
London Pentonville Road, United Kingdom
55 y/o
London Pentonville Road, United ...London Pentonville Road, United Kingdom

REVIEW AUTHORED BY MONTY1000 JUST PRIOR TO THE FIRST LOCKDOWN...''Suzi has amazing skin – almost all of it flawless in fact - and I was keen to see all of it.. She is perfectly proportioned too, with amazing charms and grace...''

Hello there!

My name is Suzi !

I will try to keep this Intro as short as Possible, but just to let you know that might be a tad difficult simply because 'I'm a 'right one' for 'elaborating' (so I will need to stop myself! ) Anyway! here's a bit about little Ol' me ...

About Suzi

I always prefer to look a person straight in the eye...(call it soul gazing if you like ha ha... but then I was always brought up to do so... Otherwise it's rude if you don't! (growing up me mum would really tell me off if I didn't Look people straight in the eye - as well as always reminding me to say 'Please' and 'Thank you' O' Yes Politeness and 'manners cost nothing and maketh the Man' and of course, meeting eye to eye is not only polite but a very nice way to connect with People...

I'm as natural and genuine as they come. I have no side to me (What You see is what You get) I do get angry and Moody sometimes- Don't get me wrong, but I'm not a nasty sort of character and definitely no good at telling lies. When I do try to Pull off the Odd Porky pie- I always get found out- so Nah I'm not shrewd enough for all that. ..and definitely not calculated (again- I always get found out ...O' no, no I can't hoodwink anybody ... and I've never been able to 'get away' with anything like that at all, but then It's just not in my nature to do so anyway (I'm a bit simple I think tbh! LOL

Imaginative yet grounded
Adventurous yet vigilant

A debauched harlot of sin, whose able to seduce a doorknob ( an Incurable yet a bit of a shy flirt if I'm being totally honest!) A fun loving free spirit who loves to enjoy a bit of naughty variety (however I'm not a complete and utter sleaze ball ! ha ha
Ha ha... I just value spending a little time with My new and not so new ''friends''
Who wish to spend a little time unplugged and away from all that is considered mundane.

There are certain strengths that can ONLY be embraced by a mature woman and they all evolve from the wisdom of time and age. I'm a woman not a girl who knows exactly what she is doing and who does it well and enjoys what she does. You will find me both energetic and extremely feminine.... I can carry myself with grace and elegance In just about all situations, together with humility and passion (and I am passionate about everything I do actually! Another good word that descibes me well is - meticulous- I pay attention to the most minute detail (possibly bordering on being a bit on on the 'too meticulous' side, as I Observe things very closely, and see things that a lot of people wouldn't actually notice.

Mature with dirty blonde hair, Style wise I prefer to dress understated as opposed to anything Ostentatious- or too revealing. With My head held high I walk tall (I was called 'a snob' at school because I always walked with me nose sort of up in the air, ha ha ) and with shoulders back (well that's what Me mum told me to do!) Oh yeah she was very strict about deportment, and so standing tall at five feet 8 inches ( without heels) I still-to this very day continue to carry myself extremely well .

Mmmmmm so Stockings with stilettos...

Oooooh la la! BUT!
It gets even better!


Whether it be stress,
loneliness or the desire for a more formal or Perhaps a more meangingful encounter. I can handle all those wishes. I am focused on co-creating a tailor-made adventure just for you.
And for a looooong time now, my profile and actions
have indeed spoken for me.
If you're kind, sexy and make your ''friends'' happy...
then they're always going to return.

I invite you to indulge me in my decadent shenanigans,
An Outstanding entertainer for adults... who captures
the imagination of those who I meet

I am able to converse on a myriad of subjects with confidence. I like to focus ONLY on the person who I am keeping company with and so You won't find me trying to fiddle with my phone or squinting at the clock etc., Oh no, no I'm not some clock watcher ( within sensible reasoning!) but ! I will be honest though and tell you that I do stick to meeting timings, but of course I wouldn't throw anybody out the door with their pants around their ankles should a meeting over -spill timewise...Oh goodness me! No (of course not ) All in all I am aware of my dedication to deliver exactly the type of experience YOU desire (I always do my utmost not to cock up anything! (except perhaps within the authentic context of the meaning )

Getting in touch

NO Obscene messages Please or acronym nonsense. Thankyou.


''My love of Adventure has taken me to all sorts of Places- some of which You're Probably best not knowing about!''

A consistently audited Adult Entertainer whose Adventures are Evidenced by ongoing and Recent FEEDBACK/REVIEWS (With the Last Review being authored just prior to the first Lockdown)
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I enjoy these activities with:

Couple MF
Tue Apr 13 2021 All Day
Wed Apr 14 2021 All Day
Thu Apr 15 2021 All Day
Fri Apr 16 2021 All Day
Sat Apr 17 2021 All Day
Sun Apr 18 2021 All Day
Mon Apr 19 2021 All Day
Tue Apr 20 2021 All Day
Wed Apr 21 2021 All Day
Thu Apr 22 2021 All Day
Fri Apr 23 2021 All Day
Sat Apr 24 2021 All Day
Sun Apr 25 2021 All Day
Mon Apr 26 2021 All Day
Don't be a Silly-Billy.
Is NOT an Option but compulsory. Even BEFORE COVID-19 I was always ‘over the top’ when it came to protecting MY OWN and YOUR health. I am exceptionally thorough where hygiene is concerned and Obviously expect the same from you...
I am what I say I am-55 I don't lie (unlike 99.9% of the rest around this neck of the woods - I Don't see any point...ANYWAY! -I mean why lie...if YOU look alright and in good nick for your age esp if your'e super fit ? The Truth is always valid- Lies are NOT! OK so am blessed to be super fit and there's not a day that goes by that I don't pray to the Lord for that...and then there's days when I wake up feeling around 200 LOL (but then that's life huh and the nature of the Beast! ha ha ha
Born and bred in East London. Born within earshot of the Bow Bells and bought up in a Place called- Custom House in a Place known as CANNINGTOWN
I take all of My own Photos AND they are ALWAYS UPDATED-(Always have been Updated anyway). The Older ones are labelled and I always label the older ones.
COMMUNICATION: Contact- Pros and cons
Use my Name. It's rude not to and should you not do so then you have already set yourself a very bad start...Not using my name makes me very upset- Guess where you go next? (In The Trash can) I delete, trash without a response. Don't address me as 'Mistress' (That is particularly irritating) What makes you think I am a Mistress? Even if I was...DON'T ADDRESS me as such. I am not a label- I am a human (like you) Write using proper English (No text speak e.g., U3BB?) Lazy-! I expect a bit more Oooomph and detail (not a lot to ask when You expect to perhaps meet that Individual for the frst time is it? I don't need to know your entire Life history- I enjoy reading well thought out Introductions- however brief- Outline Your reason for contact- services interested in-and relevant history including any Health issues. Be Polite. Be concise. Be yourself Do NOT copy and paste (I always know when someone does it- Don't waste YOUR OWN time- Again -YOU won't get a response from me UNLESS a message is Personalised . Don't underestimate! I've been here on this site since 2010 and I know all the nooks and crannies - games etc etc about this Industry and I KNOW a lot (a lot) about the Psyche & mentality of how it all works like for example: how to Judge/ Project and negotiate- AND- lose the losers- so bear that in mind! I trash ALL the sublime ridiculous- abusive and wasters in other words- ALL the garbage. I have thousands upon thousands of people on my block list- That is growing every day...and will continue to do so. You will get reported to the appropriate authorities should You pivot any suggestion re:Illegal- AND or/ threaten-breach safety protocols. I take security as well as wellbeing- health and safety very seriously- Those are MY Primary focus.
The Tribute
The Fee is what it is. If your'e seeking cheaper then go elsewhere (simple) A cheap deal gives the bitterness of floor Quality which remains Long after the sweetness of the Low Price is forgotten.
What is your starsign?

Gemini May 21 - June 21

What is your Primary Language?


What is your Secondary Language?

Not applicable

How would you describe your non-binary gender?


If other, please specify:


What is your favourite colour?

BLACK (The Little Black Dress )

Who is your favourite celebrity?

None (all dickheads)

What is your best feature?


What three words best describe your personality?


What is your favourite food?


What is your favourite drink?

A 'GOOD' White wine (like Austrian for example)

What is your favourite film?


What is your favourite TV programme?

(I rarely watch the Box) PREFER MUSIC

What are your favourite flowers?


What is your favourite perfume?


What is your favourite gift?

Diamonds. Failing that a Pkt of Liquorice Alsorts

What is your favourite holiday destination?

Oh I do Like to be beside the Seaside.

What is your ethnicity?

Caucasian (White)

What is the colour of your eyes?


What is the colour of your hair?


How would you describe your body type?


How tall are you?


How much do you weigh?


What is your leg measurement?


What is your shoe size?


What is your dress size?


What size is your chest?


What is your bra cup-size?


How would you describe the size of your breasts?


Are your breasts natural or enhanced?


How is your pubic hair fashioned?


Do you smoke?


Do you have any tattoos or piercings?


If you have tattoos or piercings, how discreet are they


Do you have any birth-marks or scars? If so, size and location?

SCAR on left cheek bone/Below eye (knife scar)

What times are you always available?

As I'm not a full timer, You need to ask!

Will you do overnight bookings?


List of Towns/Areas you will visit

London/United Kingdom

How long are you prepared to travel for?


Nearest rail station?

London. St Pancras.

What is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you in public?

Getting caught in ASDA putting something down my knickers...(during my Kleptomaniac days)

What sort of men turn you on?

Bamber Gascoigne (the Original presenter Of University Challenge before Jeremy Paxman) was the first man to 'tickle my fancy' (Hopefully that gives you some idea) 2 things that I find Most alluring in both Men & Women are dimples and imperfect- crooked (& ever so slightly goofy) Teeth

What sort of women turn you on?

My first Crush on a woman was with a Librarian from the local Library (I was probably the most reliable member for returning my books (& way before they were actually due!) The woman I fancy these days is Angelina Jolie...

What is the most memorable sexual experience you’ve ever had?

Tying my very first Boyfriend to the bed using our school ties...

What is the most outrageous thing that you’ve done sexually (be honest!)

I can't reveal the most Outrageous thing I've done as it's far more Outrageous than Outrageous (I'm Sorry)

Where would you most like to have sex?

Location Location Location! I have no particular desire for any specific location preference... although, Just to Inform You I am NOT into Public Lavatories.

What is your favourite sexual position?

Rodeo Style. Taken from behind with jugs in hand

What is your second favourite sexual position?


What is your biggest turn on?

(I told you earlier- wonky teeth...)

The most sensitive part of my anatomy is?

Nipples (& feet)

Describe the experience (when and where)

I dunno when and I can't remember where

What is your favourite sexual fantasy?

I have random fantasies (which change all the time)

How often do you masturbate?


What sexual activity do you enjoy the most?


When is your libido at its highest?


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